terça-feira, 9 de novembro de 2010

Um anjo falando...

Entrevista em Inglês para os Fãs dos Estados Unidos.

Fernanda Rodrigues was in the Projac last week to record a special participation in the Game Video. Always beautiful good-tempered e, the actress completed 31anos in the last thursday, 21, and talked with the site on the almost first year in the company of the son, Luísa.
The girl, fruit of its marriage with the Raoni actor Sheep, complete one year day 11 of December. " Work since small (it estreou in novels to the 11 years, in Vamp) and now I started to have another work, that is of being mother. Everything moved in my life. I was 100% dedicated it. I always dreamed to be mother. Agreement and I am with it the entire day. The Luísa is an incredible child, who not of the work none. The entire night sleeps (laughs) " , Fernandinha counted.
It still spoke of the agreement with the maridão, with who divides tasks. " We combine that I and it would be. It is a partnership, that nor to mount a company: ' you take care of of the financial part and I of administrativa' ". But now the actress thinks about coming back to act.

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